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80% of teachers feel their role is over!.. Technology proves the opposite

Teachers around the world feel exhausted, worried about their uncertain future, their role looks to be regressed in favor of modern technology that delivers education to homes effectively, especially after students are in Corona isolation, according to the RAND Corporation survey for the whole of 2020:quarter of teachers have already thought about Changing their career after they felt the futility of their continuation!

The survey shows that the Covid-19 epidemic and e-learning bear some of that responsibility for the concern of teachers, as nearly half of them said that their working hours had decreased significantly over the past years, and 80% of them felt that their role had ended, and even before the Covid-19 epidemic, teachers were in public schools They strive to continue their work in light of low wages and work pressures, and most of them are forced to perform other work outside working hours to ensure a stable life for their families. ( )

According to the survey, the teachers spoke that most schools do not provide a practical guide that enables them to interact with distance education and its modern applications, and there is often no compensation or reward for that equivalent to the effort expended in it, and this is greatly frustrating, especially if it is required to provide distinguished education and not, On the other hand, the survey shows that marginalized students, people with special needs, colored groups and the poorest in American schools were more inclined to distance education, not formal! Considering that one of the advantages of distance learning is the relative equality of students, of course, if they have the infrastructure and conditions qualified to engage in this type of education.

As for schools, the survey shows that the challenge of qualifying them to receive students during the Corona epidemic and receiving education face to face cannot be bypassed and still poses a risk with the entry of new waves, which prompts the adoption of a hybrid pattern that mixes personal with electronic and combines their advantages in times of the epidemic spread and student attendance decline.

According to a report published by “America Today” network based on the RAND report, teachers still feel their value through routine work such as correcting assignments and recording attendance, but the truth is that their role must drive them towards efficient performance and better interaction with students, and most importantly is to urge them to learn from Open sources curricula and not indoctrination in the old form of the curricula, points out Bryant, a former teacher, and consultant with McKinsey International Consulting, adding that technology appears as a solution to this problem, as it does about 40% of what teachers were doing, including routine work, which considered a time- consuming work, Today it will be possible to dedicate it to a more effective activity with students, whether in the classroom or through distance learning. ( )

Definitively, the robot will not replace the teacher, but the adoption of AI in the classroom could become a way to create a healthy environment for happy teachers and truly smart students.

This modern style makes stressed and exhausted teachers with a different and distinguished performance by simplifying their tasks, and this is not only in schools but also in universities. Through artificial intelligence, the lecturer has time for personal interaction with his students and the exchange of effective dialogue.

In 2016 the harbingers of that experiment appeared through the Georgia Computer Science Foundation, Professor Ashok Joel used artificial intelligence to save more of his time and adopt a virtual assistant style to answer common questions for students, by feeding it in advance, from a sample: When will the test be, and what is the curriculum in it? , Joel says, that teachers spend themselves on low-key tasks when they can get help and interact effectively with their students.

The advantage of paying attention to personal interaction is clear with modern intelligence, and with more complex subjects such as mathematics and science, it becomes possible to have an accompanying explanation with pictures and media, and for students to have experiences and solutions on a better scale, and through interesting methods, such as educational videos and colorful worksheets, with an opportunity to recover What are the lessons and applications?

AI also helps teachers know which areas to focus on, how to communicate concepts better and faster, schedule assignments and deliver them, and set assessments, so it seems that what is required is to pair machines and humans to perform better for teacher and learner, explains founder and CEO of Raj Valley It’s like teaching swimming, it can only be effective by jumping into the water and then actually telling the player how to swim and what his mistakes are.

In the field of languages, smart applications help learners interact with the teacher, to increase language fluency and improve pronunciation, reading, and writing, thus confirms the CEO of the Education Sector at Microsoft, Anthony Salcito, stressing that the development of reading helps teachers quickly assess students and their progress, and this is done through A smart platform for digitizing students’ writing performance.

It is the beginning of an era in which learning becomes a journey and not a traditional destination, where the teacher will become navigating open sources and not providing a specific curriculum!

Artificial intelligence does not only increases the efficiency of the curricula offered to individuals remotely but also does in the classroom, where students can be accommodated according to their abilities and competence and not their ages in the traditional way.

AI allows teachers to interact effectively with students and develop their personal connection with them, this is precisely what is required.


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Shaimaa Essa80% of teachers feel their role is over!.. Technology proves the opposite

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