2015 – Schoobrary

In 2015, Almotahida launched the  large arabic book store , SchooBrary..  

24 October، 2015

2010 – enhance teaching and learning Arabic

  Almotahida Education Group is currently in the process of founding a not-for-profit organization – Kalemon – to enhance the teaching and learning of the Arabic language for both native speakers and non-Arabic speakers who wish to learn Arabic

24 October، 2010

2009 – every student in Qatar …

  Since 2009, every student in Qatar from Grades 1-12 are using Almotahida Education Group textbooks for Arabic language, and social science curriculums in print and digital  

24 October، 2009

2000 – Educational Series on CDs

  Almotahida launched “Bayan” Educational Series on CDs in 2000 for the entire Egyptian school curriculum Grades 1-12. In 2003, Almotahida launched BayanOnline.com, an open learning community

24 October، 2000

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