Motivation plays a big role in learning, and immersive experiences can motivate learners. However, it is thought that immersive experiences are still not affordable, practical and available to the masses. Moreover, the breadth, depth and quality of immersive learning content is assumed to be missing.

Veative Labs is a global provider of education technology and innovative, digital learning solutions, using immersive technologies. We are providing the first affordable, practical and interactive immersive learning modules for learners of all stripes. We steadfastly believe that these experiences should be available to all, motivating everyone to learn, irrespective of the country they live in, or their present socio-economic condition.


Our mission is to bring learning to life by making immersive technologies available to students all over the world, in an affordable, and interactively immersive environment. We aim to unlock the power of immersive learning to inspire students and motivate learners everywhere

Vision :

Our vision is to live in a world where learning and growing are as natural as breathing and thinking. We wish to play a significant part in supplying digital innovation to make immersive learning affordable and transformative, positively influencing the lives of every, single person who desires to learn, and strives for more