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«Arabic for Life» .. kalemon’s surprise at first participation in Abu Dhabi book Fair

Kalemon Educational Company (a subsidiary for AlMotahida Group) has initiated its first participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, in conjunction with the 30th session. “Kalemon” actively engages through an unprecedented set of advanced curricula and digital platforms in teaching Arabic to non-speakers, the most important of which is “Arabic for Life” and “Bareq,” as well as advanced written and digital dictionaries between Arabic and other languages. The platforms have received remarkable interaction and interest from the fair visitors.

What is new that Kalemon brings up this year?

For the first time, Kalemon offered “Arabic for Life” book series, which is a bilingual illustrated educational program (Arabic – a foreign language) to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers communicatively and skillfully (listening, speaking, reading, writing), directed to the adult category.

The program aims to teach non-Arabic speakers the life communication language. Through situations and topics of daily life and public life, such as: the market, the restaurant, the hotel, the bank, the school, the university, work and events, vocabulary, linguistic expressions, sentences, dialogues and cultural expressions related to these situations are presented, in addition to the basic grammar.

The advanced dictionary attracted many exhibition-goers who took the initiative to review its features, and the languages ​​in which it is issued, which are: Arabic – English / British, Arabic – English / American, Arabic – Hebrew, Arabic – Russian, Arabic – Chinese, Arabic – Malay / Bahasa. Preparing for new language releases.

A digital platform and a mobile application will also be provided for the same books, in addition to an integrated bag that consists of a teacher’s guide, training book, and academic technical support.

Bareq Platform

The company provides “Kalemon curricula” and digital platforms for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for formal education and adult education by providing an integrated educational package that is compatible with distance learning approaches and provides additional features that support the self-learning process.

The “Bareq” platform is among the most prominent self-learning and integrated learning platforms launched by “Kalemon” and is an introduction to those wishing to learn the Arabic language from non-native speakers at all levels and for formal education with its full compatibility and alignment with all subjects and educational outcomes of the Arabic language curricula for non-native speakers, including the Kalemon curriculum.

About Abu Dhabi Book Fair

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was launched today 23 May and continues until 29 May at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, and enjoys the participation of international publishing houses and companies involved in the production of providing educational books and digital platforms, and from within the UAE the Ministry of Education and culture centers and institutions participate.

The Abu Dhabi exhibition is under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

The exhibition program includes a series of virtual programs and seminars, in conjunction with the reception of a large group of publishers, in order to allow audiences from around the world to learn about the latest trends in the field of publishing, literature and culture.

The exhibition aims to advance thought, culture and creativity, encourage and spread reading, and support and empower authors and publishers, and translation from and into Arabic.

Shaimaa Essa«Arabic for Life» .. kalemon’s surprise at first participation in Abu Dhabi book Fair

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