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“Askzad” The largest Arab index participates in “GESS Dubai 2020”

“Askzad” The largest Arabic digital index participates in “GESS Dubai 2020” the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition, which starts today and continues until February 27.  It is the destination of international education experts and its modern applications.

Askzad was launched in 1998. It is the largest digital database in the Arab region, and the only library that provides all sources of knowledge and information, with 500 thousand publications, and more than 3000 Arabic newspapers and magazines, being scanned and digitized around the clock, and provided with the best information technology that ensures ease research, citation and conservation. It thus becomes a treasure available to various bodies, researchers and writers.

Askzad services

The first Arab library: Askzad provides its services to universities and international research institutions as it is the only electronic publisher that digitizes, indexes all Arab academic and cultural publications, in accordance with international standards for electronic library and information systems.

The most comprehensive source of knowledge and Arab media: Askzad has been unique since its inception by cataloging books, scientific theses, researches, articles of scientific peer-reviewed journals and conference papers around the clock.

Flexible digital copies: The library contains digital copies of the original articles with the ability to search in their full text, and design according to the needs of researchers.

More than 3500 publishers according to the standards of intellectual property: Askzad adheres to the principles and standards of the protection of intellectual property rights, as it manages the works of more than 3500 publishers of Arabic content, including universities, publishing houses and others.

The latest information technology: Askzad platform provides the latest technologies of interactive information and electronic services that allow researchers to cite, comment, save, retrieve and send results of research strategies in an easy and fast way.

Askzad provides the majority of the content in Arabic; it also provides texts in English, French and German. Askzad aims to add all published studies and academic publications about the Middle East in any language and anywhere around the world.

Regarding numbers, Askzad includes:

  • Arab press index (9000 printed Arabic newspapers and magazines).
  • Archive of refereed periodicals (500 magazines).
  • Scientific theses library (50,000 theses).
  • Books and references library (40,000 books).
  • Refereed periodicals index (700,000 scientific research).
  • Scientific researches library (20,000 scientific researches and articles).
  • Presentations and conference papers library (200 academic and scientific conferences).
  •  News sites index (more than 500,000 Arabic and English news sites).
Shaimaa Essa“Askzad” The largest Arab index participates in “GESS Dubai 2020”

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