Arabic for non-native speakers

Students practice their Arabic language skills via learner-centered activities.
Teacher Guide
Guides teachers to use recent and best-practice teaching strategies and to integrate them in the linguistic and cultural content of the books.
Assessment Guide
a myriad of assessment methods based on the depth of knowledge (DOK) theory.
Audio-Visual Aids
Educational aids help teachers add fun and motivation to learning process.
Enrichment Content
Age-appropriate stories enrich the textbook subject matter.
Picture Dictionary
Uses colorful pictures and illustrations to help learners develop, retain and understand vocabulary words.

Interactive E-book
Engages learners through a variety of interactive activities.
Interactive Question Bank
Questions and interactive exercises help learners self-assess their performance.
Video Tutorials
Videos add another dimension to learning that makes a student’s educational experience both more fun and more effective.
Arabic for non-native speakers

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