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Veative and Lenovo collaborate on virtual learning and remote classroom simulation

Veative Labs, the leading provider of immersive virtual learning solutions, has announced a global collaboration with Lenovo, the education technology giant, that will enable Lenovo customers to experiment with the full Veative range of 550 interactive STEM modules on Lenovo computers through lenovo’s new remote learning solution or on Lenovo VR devices with the new VR Classroom 2.0 solution.

Veative offers a powerful interactive library that meets international standards of education, including science and mathematics modules for grades 4 to higher education.

Veative units are in a way that enables students to understand the most complex concepts, deeper and easier, while allowing teachers and school leaders to lead students towards mastery, as an easy solution for everyone at school or at home.

ِِ Leap in distance learning

Veative Limited has developed 40 virtual modules in science, mathematics and world-class touring, pre-loaded on all Lenovo VR Classroom 2.0 devices, with the possibility of upgrading to the full Veative Library, and the new Browser-based WebXR option will provide access to the same interactive content library while using a computer, without the need for a VR headset.

Veative CEO Ankur Aggarwal

Ankur Aggrawal-veative ceo


“This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to transforming the way education is delivered. Veative combines powerful technology, research-based educational practices, rigorous and biased content, formative evaluation data and analytics”.

Aggarwal noted: “We focus on the needs of teachers and students by developing content that seamlessly integrates into existing curricula, with ease of use, and attendance at learning outcomes, regardless of hardware or location.”

The partnership with Lenovo gives the ability to put forward our solution more broadly and expand our reach into the global education market,” Aggarwal said.

He added: We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Lenovo, which shares our vision to transform the way students are educated.”

Access to curriculum-based content is critical in today’s distance learning environment.

“In addition, virtual reality is a powerful way to influence student participation, inspire young people to develop curiosity and explore challenging topics,” said Richard Henderson, Director of Global Education Solutions at Lenovo. “With access to STEM content and a complete solution to teaching and learning, we are excited about the relationship with Veative that offers both web-based content and VR with formative evaluation, helping Lenovo with our vision to deliver smarter technology to everyone.”

About Veative Labs

Veative is a leader in providing immersive learning and training solutions. The vibe solution is being used in more than 25 countries to engage learners with abstract concepts and to bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding. Veative transforms the way virtual reality is used in education by combining powerful VR technology with research-based learning practices, coupled with analytics to track student progress.

veative labs

Veative developed not only the world’s largest library of interactive, curriculum-compliant K-12 VR modules, but also specialized in developing immersive experiences for higher education and enterprise sector. Whether it’s an advanced training simulation, or language learning with voice recognition, Veative creates superior immersive experiences to improve learning learning results in any sector.

AlMotahida group has a strategic relationship and partnershipunicef veative with VEATIVE Labs Singapore and India, to produce content that works in virtual work environments

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality) in parallel directions:

Interactive learning elements in 3D format, mono video and stereo covering science and mathematics curricula.

Educational entertainment games related to science and mathematics curricula.

Design interactive digital labs that work in a VR environment or those that are partly linked to augmented reality prints and models.

Shaimaa EssaVeative and Lenovo collaborate on virtual learning and remote classroom simulation

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