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“Veative Home” Don’t lose your study and enjoy immersive learning

“Social divergence” has become imposed after the global threat of covid-19 epidemic, and therefore the need for alternatives to all our activities, primarily education, has increased after the closure of schools, universities and various centers؛ And the overwhelming spread of distance learning.

This is why Veative ( AlMotahida Education Group Partner) has teamed up with Digi Technologies to offer the curriculum in an interactive and three-dimensional way, and what’s new in Veative Home Study is that you can now use the app without the need for a dedicated VR device within the virtual learning labs, once you use your traditional PC from your home! Through this website:

What’s new in veative Home?

While navigating freely at The Veative Labs, we’ll see immersive interactive learning experiences for students everywhere. With an extensive library of VR content, students around the world conduct scientific experiments, explore the world’ s landmarks, learn mathematical concepts, navigate the human body and understand its mechanics, and now these experiences are available through a web browser, without the need for VR equipment, and outside the traditional classroom walls.

These interactive units for VR are designed with a portable controller, but here you can try them in your browser using only the keyboard and mouse.

Veative has the largest collection of educational VR content. This includes:

Learn sciences STEM

543 units for ages over 9 years, covering biology, chemistry,


physics and mathematics. The instructor (teacher) is informed about grades and assessment data for students, who interact and enjoy spending time wandering around their new scientific world.

Learn English ELL

Learning English consists of 104 lessons, 4 levels, more than 1,000 keywords and phrases, and the practice of speaking and listening (yourself).

Virtual tours

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t travel to other places. Visit almost amazing places and landmarks that will be impossible to see at this time.

New features:

– Transcending time and space

– Discover through 3D surveillance

– Adventure safely in science labs

– Learn math in original settings

– Interaction

– Learn by trial and error, to understand deeper

– Role simulation, Be The World!

– Explore with targeted feedback

– Inspiration and encouragement with feedback in play

– Cooperation with an experienced specialist teacher

– Analysis, which guides teaching decisions

Al Motahida Partnership in Virtual Learning


Vr/AR/MR technologies are accelerating in school education, with unprecedented capabilities and tools that will surely change many concepts in different fields of education, particularly in the field of applied sciences, language learning, virtual touring, and technical expertise.

Veative is a leading provider of immersive learning and training solutions using 3D/AR/VR/MR technologies. The vefer solution is used in more than 25 countries to engage learners in abstract concepts, bridging the gap between knowledge and understanding by allowing students to learn.

AlMotahida group has a strategic relationship and partnershipunicef veative with VEATIVE Labs Singapore and India, to produce content that works in virtual work environments

  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality) in parallel directions:
  • Interactive learning elements in 3D format, mono video and stereo covering science and mathematics curricula.
  • Educational entertainment games related to science and mathematics curricula.
  • Design interactive digital labs that work in a VR environment or those that are partly linked to augmented reality prints and models.

The contents and components of virtual digital laboratories correspond to the corresponding curricula in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics through a separate laboratory for each.

The technologies used in virtual digital laboratories are compatible with the devices and equipment of most companies that supply this type of technology such as: Google, Acer, HTC, Facebook, Samsung, LG and Microsoft.

Veative has nearly 500 creative and technical experts who produce more than 12,500 individual subjects to cover nearly 2,000 math and science subjects.

Shaimaa Essa“Veative Home” Don’t lose your study and enjoy immersive learning

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