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Almotahida Education’s Innovations Draw Major Media Attention at International LEAP Tech Conference

Almotahida Education Group’s participation in the 3rd edition of the international tech conference and exhibition “LEAP” in Riyadh drew media attention. The event was held from March 4th to 7th under the theme “New Horizons”, with over 1,800 exhibitors from major tech companies in Egypt and worldwide.

The Middle East News Agency quoted statements by Almotahida’s Public and Media Relations Director about the objectives of the Egyptian and global companies taking part in this edition of the LEAP conference and exhibition. The official Egyptian News Agency published a list of Almotahida’s prominent products showcased at the exhibition, stating “Among the most notable Arab educational solutions displayed at this global conference and exhibition are the ‘Tebian’ distance learning platform and library, the ‘Onafes’ app for educational competitions between students, and the ‘Yaqees’ app to enable students to measure their educational levels in different subjects, from Almotahida Education Group.”

Al-Dostour newspaper, under the media conglomerate Almotahida Media Services, published the same statements and list of Almotahida’s educational products on its news portal. The Egyptian news platform “Masr Wenaseha” (ُُEgypt and its people)  and Almkal news portal also published the statements along with a photo of Almotahida’s stand at the international LEAP tech conference.

The LEAP conference and exhibition is an exceptional global platform bringing together innovators, investors and entrepreneurs in the field of technology. It focuses on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, with the aim of creating a collaborative environment that promotes the growth and evolution of the digital economy.

basyony KomsanAlmotahida Education’s Innovations Draw Major Media Attention at International LEAP Tech Conference