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Almotahida Education Group Hosts Gamification Training for Arabic Teachers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Almotahida Education Group, in collaboration with Templer Park International School, recently hosted a training session on using gamification techniques for Arabic language teachers. The session, led by Dr. Mohammed Fadi Qaddo, Chief Technologist at Almotahida, aimed to provide educators with strategies to boost student motivation and engagement through game mechanics.

Gamification involves integrating elements like points, levels, achievements and leaderboards into learning environments. By tapping into learners’ intrinsic motivation to “level up” and earn rewards, gamification transforms studying into a game-like experience that drives participation. This approach is especially useful when students are learning complex subjects like a new language.

Dr. Qaddo walked trainees through implementing gamification in their classrooms using Bareq, Almotahida’s Arabic learning platform. Bareq uses animated characters, scenarios and game features to make acquiring Arabic skills interactive and fun. Participants left the training with actionable techniques to sustain student motivation and a roadmap to integrate gamification into their Arabic curricula.

Almotahida Education Group provides training, content and technology solutions for Arabic language learning globally. Those interested in assessing their Arabic proficiency can take a free online test offered by the company. Almotahida’s products and services are available for purchase on Shopee, and inquiries can be directed to their WhatsApp number

basyony KomsanAlmotahida Education Group Hosts Gamification Training for Arabic Teachers

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