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“Almotahida Group” in “Gess 2020”… A New Concept of Smart Learning Solutions

Almotahida Education Group is participating in the 13th “Gess Dubai 2020” the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition from 25 to 27 February. Gess is the destination for education professionals around the world, displaying the latest products and expertise that meet all the needs of modern classroom, and transform the ways in which students usually learn to the better.

Our vision aims to develop Arab education as an integrated industry.

Almotahida has a number of content production and development centers as well as branches, agents and business partners in more than 20 countries around the world.

Leading Modern Educational Content

In an effort to establish a new concept of education that is based on the Arab world around the globe and in line with the latest international standards, Almotahida Education Group is offering a range of advanced digital platforms in the world of publishing, documentation, production of educational content and training.

The platforms include all pre-university curricula, reading libraries and modern learning resources for students and teachers, digital enrichment encyclopedias, and the Arabic language learning system for non-native speakers.

Almotahida products are available through regular in-class learning systems, teacher-assisted blended, self-studying (out-of-class), curriculum-complementary enrichment, as well as remedial programs for learner deficiencies.

Adopted Pedagogical Philosophy

The philosophy of the curricula in the products of Almotahida, which was developed by certified experts, is based on gradualism and consideration of the age, cultural and multiple intelligences of learners.

It is based on the integration of modern content, technology and sources of knowledge, and provides a world-class testing system to determine the level before, during and after the educational process.

Our platforms resort to modern educational methods that allow students to interact, and respect their personal inclinations in building their academic world and encourage them to research, and to mix pleasure and knowledge through interesting games, videos and mental maps.

Almotahida has a keen interest in teachers and trainers, enriching their classroom management skills, evaluating students and dealing with their problems, as well as their professional level through the latest studies.

Series launched for the first time

For the first time, Almotahida Group participates in the “Gess 2020” with two platforms “Bareq” and “Have Fun and Learn”, the first in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native children, and the second in the field of the development of the child’s imagination, language level and knowledge of the environment through educational games.

Almotahida Group also announces the launch of “Kalemon language centers” for non-native speakers in accordance with the latest international standards in the field of second languages teaching.

An Integrated System of Education Platforms

Almotahida Group is participating in 12 educational digital platforms this year:

Kalemon: an integrated system for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

(Includes adult center, basic education, social studies, Bareq, fun and learning)

Bayan: Arab literacy skills development platform

Hawwaz: digital professional training academy for teacher skills development

Schoopedia: a digital library of open and legalized sources by the curriculum

Schoperary: the school e-book publishing platform

Tebyan: digital Library of education resources and question bank for classrooms and teachers

Askzad: the largest Arabic electronic scout and library of information and media sources

About Almotahida

Founded in 1997, Almotahida Group has played a leading role in publishing, authoring, translation and standard-setting, producing interactive books, producing multimedia, indexing, educational libraries, enriched and encyclopedic content, 3D virtual content, and training Teachers.

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Shaimaa Essa“Almotahida Group” in “Gess 2020”… A New Concept of Smart Learning Solutions

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