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Hawwaz Launches New Cohort of Diploma in Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers

Amman, Jordan – Hawwaz, the education platform of Almotahida Education Group, has announced the launch of the fifth cohort of its Diploma in Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers in collaboration with the Consultation and Training Center at Mutah University and delivered through the Hawwaz digital learning platform.

The intensive diploma program extends over four academic terms totaling 300 accredited training hours delivered over nine months. Upon successful completion of all terms, graduates will be awarded a certificate endorsed by Mutah University, which can be attested by Jordan’s Ministry of Higher Education.

Spanning four terms, the diploma covers diverse topics including:
– Essential Arabic language skills
– Arabic curriculum design, content development, and assessment for non-native speakers
– Introduction to general linguistics
– Digital education and its use in teaching Arabic to non-natives
– International standards in teaching Arabic as a foreign language
– Instructional scenarios
– Issues in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
– Teaching methods and approaches: lesson design per the 5E learning cycle
– Approaches to teaching Arabic (in English and French)
– Arabic literature and calligraphy; and specialized topics for teachers of Arabic to speakers of other languages

The program is supervised by a team of leading experts in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, ensuring high-quality training and effective student mentoring.

The diploma offered by Hawwaz aims to develop qualified teachers to instruct Arabic to foreigners in schools, cultural centers, and digital platforms. It provides interested learners with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in this vital field.

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basyony KomsanHawwaz Launches New Cohort of Diploma in Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers