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Developing intelligence rather than delivering lessons ..How will Teacher’s role be after “Covid-19”?

Today’s Date is above the whiteboard, the title of the lesson in the middle, the tree of elements and their varieties occupy every inch of them in different bright colors; the flag is fluttering, the bell is next to it, and the questions from the teacher are prompted by immediate reactions;and his passing between the rows to make sure that everything is well.

This elongated stereotype of schools around the world was absent as soon as March 2020;

Shaimaa EssaDeveloping intelligence rather than delivering lessons ..How will Teacher’s role be after “Covid-19”?
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Why do millions of parents around the world worry about the “distance learning”?

When can we go to school? The future is still uncertain after the outbreak of the Coved-19 virus, which has been threatened by most countries around the world, has caused school closures and a “unparalleled” disruption of traditional education, according to the United Nations.

Shaimaa EssaWhy do millions of parents around the world worry about the “distance learning”?
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Corona turned your house into a school?.. ideas to overcome the dilemma successfully

Millions of parents around the world are now living the trauma of a serious outbreak of Covid-19 virus; to ensure their loved ones and keep their spirits up, arriving to deal with the sudden closure of schools and the transfer of education to “Home schooling”, which throws the ball in the parents’ playground in the first place. It forces them to adapt to dozens of challenges.

Let’s listen to meaningful ideas provided by education experts in safe transit for your student son and provide educational and emotional support to him; when he is ultimately isolated away from normal life and daytime activities..

Shaimaa EssaCorona turned your house into a school?.. ideas to overcome the dilemma successfully
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Tebian: Practicing and Teaching Platform  for Teachers and Students

Welcome to Tebian: Your Ultimate Educational Partner

Tebian represents a new era in digital education, offering a comprehensive platform that supports students and educators through an integrated learning process. This innovative platform combines explanation, practicing, and assessments, all streamlined through an easy-to-use digital interface.


Why Choose Tebian?

Tebian is designed to transform the learning journey into an enjoyable and practical experience. By incorporating interactive educational content that meets the diverse needs of students, Tebian motivates learners to explore and innovate, making it an ideal choice for modern education.


Key Features of Tebian

Simplified and Engaging Teaching: Tebian turns learning into an engaging journey, offering interactive content that caters to the needs of students and stimulates their curiosity.

Advanced Question Bank: With over two million questions across all academic subjects, Tebian enhances students’ understanding and exam readiness with model answers designed to deepen comprehension.

Sophisticated Analytical Tools: Leveraging artificial intelligence, Tebian provides precise analytics on student performance, enabling educators to track progress and adjust teaching strategies in real-time.

Motivation and Competition: Tebian integrates educational games and competitions to encourage self-learning and academic excellence among students.

Support Services for Teachers: A comprehensive library that includes educational resources, modern strategies, and tools to address individual student differences.


Benefits for Tebian Users

Develop Skills: Tebian helps students enhance their academic performance by providing tailored educational materials.

Save Time and Effort:: Automated analysis and evaluation tools reduce the burden on teachers, allowing time for more personalized academic support.

Flexible and Accessible Learning Experience: With full support for all devices and operating systems, students can access their educational resources anytime, anywhere.


 Technical Features

Compatibility: Tebian supports all smart devices and major operating systems.

Languages: Available in Arabic and English, with plans to expand to more languages.

Regular Updates: Continuous updates to the content and platform ensure the highest quality and relevance in education.

Security: High-level security measures protect the data of students and teachers.

 Pricing and Availability

Tebian offers annual subscription plans at competitive prices, with special discounts available for schools and educational institutions. More details on pricing and offers

Join the Tebian Community

Take advantage of the opportunity to advance your educational journey. Register now at Tebian to discover how technology can transform education. Join us today and be part of the future of digital learning.

Elevate your educational future with Tebian, where we make learning accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

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