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Tebyan in “GESS Dubai” A digital library of education resources for Arab teachers

The digital library of education resources for Arab teachers “Tebyan” participates in the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition “GESS”, which starts today and continues until February 27, attended by a group of experts in the fields of education, including experts, educators and international developers.

“Tebyan” is one of the platforms of Almotahida Education Group. Its main idea is to confront the challenges that teachers find today in light of the technological development and openness of students; and this is why “Tebyan” the digital library was designed to be a teacher’s friend, providing him/ her with modern written and visual sources and methods.

Tebyan qualifies the Arab teachers professionally, enabling them to deal with behavioral patterns, treating learning disabilities, assessing the extent to which each student benefits, and creating positive interaction in the classroom with all professionalism, ease and effectiveness.

Contents of Tebyan platform

The digital library includes:

  • Learning object

It is designed for the teacher to use in the classroom. Additionally, it can be used in preparing an additional educational material; it is rich in many sources of learning, and the teacher can choose from this library in proportion to the lesson subject, and add other elements to it. It includes:

Videos: The teacher can use it easily in the classroom.

Pictures: Photos, drawings and educational albums to be used for explanation.

Audio materials: With high quality and classification that allows teachers to select easily.

Presentations: The plans and strategies the teacher uses to teach.

Interactive activities: Attractive interactive elements for students.

Interactive questions: The teacher uses it for assessment and it considers levels of understanding and higher thinking skills.

  • Standard Lesson Plan

Action plans for class management, linked to the library of educational elements, and the teachers can add to or remove these in proportion to the level of their students.

  • Integrated Teacher Guide

It provides academic and professional support to the teacher. It includes two parts; one of them is a theoretical framework that deals with modern teaching strategies for teaching the targeted subject, the characteristics of learners, and how to deal with them.

The other part is applied framework, in which it shows how to deal with everything in the student’s book, in light of educational strategies, taking into account the multiple intelligences and individual differences among students, and this guide is linked to the library of educational elements, and it can also be printed when needed.

Tebyan features:

  • It is designed to allow the teacher to use it in the classroom.
  • It allows educational elements to be arranged according to when classes are presented as per plan.
  • It is reliable in preparing e-lesson plans.
  • It is rich in a large number of diverse sources of learning.
  • It allows the teacher to easily choose from this library in a way that suits the lesson subject.
  • It allows the teacher to use modern technology in preparing lessons.
  • It helps the teacher to facilitate the learning process, and to move between many attractive elements for the student.
  • It works to develop creativity for students through the ideas of interactive training provided by the library.
  • It has storage space available to the teacher, enables him / her to upload his/ her own elements for display, and can share it with other teachers.
Shaimaa EssaTebyan in “GESS Dubai” A digital library of education resources for Arab teachers