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Hawwaz participates in “GESS Dubai” with the Modern Digital Training System

Hawwaz platform for digital training participates in the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition “GESS”, which starts today and continues until February 27. It is the interface of the latest innovative educational platforms in parallel with international workshops and conference for international education experts.

Hawwaz : It is a company in Almotahida Education Group. It is a unique digital training system, as it has a huge library of rich and interactive content according to the latest technologies and modern methods, in cycles that meet your need,  including: online courses, interactive digital (self-training), or digital books and publishing of all kinds .. You can find it in one place.

For the first time in the field of digital learning, “Hawwaz” platform offers audio courses that enables you to benefit from a huge scientific library, pioneering and refereed university journals and researches, and an integrated center for media production, including courses, tests, games and graphics.  In addition, it provides educational videos, an environment for online conferences, virtual classrooms, digital educational portfolio, and a program to collaborate with elite coaches and professional experts.

Features of Hawwaz platform

  • Distinctive educational, training and professional programs.
  • Modern digital technology tools and means of smart learning.
  • Quality hosting for the most prominent experts and specialists.
  • Hosting programs of prestigious institutions, universities and educational centers, with the approval of their programs.
  • An integrated plan in vital and qualitative fields, such as programs for qualifying teachers, developing higher education institutions, and qualifying students for the labor market in addition to continuing education programs.
  • Continuous evaluation of the programs and plans, and the components of the educational and training process.
  • The files of achievement and performance reports for those enrolled in the platform, where their performance, their grades obtained, and all activities and posts are monitored, with the possibility of providing the institutions with these files.

Hawwaz services

  • Producing interactive self-learning programs and digital portfolio: It is characterized by providing information through multimedia, including text, sound, video, infographic, illustrations, activities and interactive tests.
  • Virtual classes and digital (concurrent) education and training rooms: Training lectures with timelines given remotely in a manner that ensures direct communication between the lecturer and his/ her students.
  • Web conferencing (Webinar): Holding conferences and web forums to create communication between researchers, holding seminars and workshops remotely. We provide a digital partnership with all relevant conferences, and employ a digital teaching and training environment to help conference management and researchers achieve the best results.
  • Digital publishing / educational and academic books and training portfolio: A rich digital library that includes a variety of books that are referred to as a head book, or references and sources, and these are bought or borrowed digitally and browsed through the platform’s reader, which offers a variety of features.
  • Digital publishing / audio programs (audio): Audio programs in the areas of skills development, capacity development, and other areas of learning.
  • Producing digital interactive elements: An integrated production center, which provides distinguished digital services, such as:

Production of educational videos, situations and activities, digital educational games, (static and mobile) info graphic and interactive tests.

  • Digitizing academic programs and university courses: Designing an integrated digital course in terms of content and lectures based on the highest standards of quality and accreditation, to serve both the faculty member and the student.
  • Educational and academic services and consultations: Providing consultations, preparing educational and digital plans and programs, and improving the performance of faculty members in Arab and international universities.
Shaimaa EssaHawwaz participates in “GESS Dubai” with the Modern Digital Training System

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