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Not luxury … Inspirational ideas on the need for distance learning

Distance learning has great benefits and has helped radically change the lives of many around you, an ongoing process that doesn’t stop at the end of college, which may include language learning or even cooking, drawing and exercise.
This learning not only refines your skills, makes the most of your free time during the current CORONA virus ban, relieves stress, but also a cause that can improve your practical and financial level, and gradually change your lifestyle, your perception of things and your relationships with the surroundings.

“Personal growth is essential to many psychological theories of long-term happiness,” says James Wallman

in his book “Time and How to Spend It.” So although listening to a lecture may not be as tempting as instant gratification to watch TV or social media, it will lead to more long-term satisfaction with life,” he added, “you can say that humans are like bicycles: if you’re not headed for something you fall for.”

Mandela-by others

Can you believe it! Nelson Mandela, a late African activist, earned a bachelor’s degree through distance learning from the University of South Africa. At that time, the young Mandela came forward and received feedback through correspondence. Despite going to prison, he continued his studies even from behind bars. As if not inspiring enough, he also provided legal advice to prisoners and prison staff in his country.

That’s why Mandela said, “Learning is the strongest weapon to change the world.”

The chances are many!

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Fortunately, free learning platforms supported by governments around the world are now spreading after the closure of schools and universities, including edX, Coursera and Future Learn, and lectures usually involve video lectures, text reading and regular tests to verify your memory and understand the curriculum.

Today we are not only talking about distance learning but learning remotely in general as a new lifestyle that changes lives.

According to “the Guardian”, several strategies help you stay motivated, the most important of which is to create a routine that will enable you to continue learning, to solve exercises and assessments, as well as to create a team of classmates to motivate.

Why should we learn remotely?

online learning- by:others

The learning site “Study International” has published five key benefits of online learning, including, according to Sharona Segarin, the most attractive and flexible, which gives you a more intimate, social environment  and interaction from within your home and increases your chances of getting a unique job and developing your abilities.

1- Learn to rest and flexible

The 2019 “Online Education Trends” report found that for the third year in a row, comfort and flexibility topped the list of reasons for students choosing an online program instead of campus.

This flexibility is important for those who work in a full-time job and family obligations, where they can always learn on a schedule that suits their lives.

You can study in the morning, afternoon, evening or night – whatever suits you best, instead of sticking to the classroom schedule.

2- An intimate environment

One of the benefits of online learning is that it can create an environment that suits you;

If you don’t feel like a producer at home, you can also study in a community library or café, whichever is best for you. Some people find distractions, so if you’re one of them, you don’t have to worry about it through an online program.

3- Communication without awe

Learning is better when you have incentives for this remote study, away from traditional classrooms that might get you bored.

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“It’s interesting that I noticed that it’s easier for some students to talk in class because they’re not intimidated by being in a lecture hall with more than 100 people, and instead they’re in complete comfort inside their rooms,” said one university student.

Today’s online students benefit from using social media to interact with each other.

In “Social Media: The New Tool in Business Education,” the researchers wrote: “Online learning environments provide a unique learning space in terms of interaction, participation and collaboration.”

4- Affordable education

Online learning can be affordable for different social segments, and even saves the cost of classroom transfers and a lot of out-of-home expenses.

This means that there are plenty of courses available that suit your budget – some are free!

5- Career development

One of the benefits of online learning is that you get a chance to advance your career, and a survey conducted by Pearson University last year found that there is a major shift to ‘DIY education’.

According to the report, “with easy access to technology and a changing global economy, people are taking matters into their own hands. They believe that self-service learning will become more common as people seek education throughout their lives.

Looking to develop your skills and acquire new ones, and you can’t take time off from your job? This happens when you take an online course, and some also get degrees such as master’s degrees without having to sacrifice their fixed-income job, and in order to create opportunities for a better job.

Of course, studying online requires certain skills such as self-discipline, self-motivation and communication. The study suggests that when you’re online, you’ll quickly hone and transfer these important skills in the workplace. This will sharpen your communication skills.

You’ll also need to motivate yourself and transform your online tasks, and according to the study, “Integrating online sharing and interaction into your courses”, enhances critical thinking skills as opposed to face-to-face learning, where critical feedback can be difficult.

Very useful for business owners

learn for effective work-by:others

We can safely say that e-learning has become an absolute necessity in today’s world, because it provides learners with an exceptionally rich learning experience. But how has e-learning become an important part of corporate training, and why is its popularity growing rapidly?

The reasons, according to Cammy Anderson’s article published by elearning industry, illustrate why more and more organizations are adopting this special approach to staff training as it increases the efficiency of workers by 50%.

More than 40% of companies say that e-learning has helped them raise revenue levels, and companies that provide technology training (including e-learning) have achieved more than 25% higher revenue per employee.

Hence, it is no longer a surprise that e-learning, the introduction of specialized learning, followed by social learning, adaptive learning, and virtual and augmented reality, have made it necessary to make flexible learning possible in an online environment.

This development in e-learning is precisely what has enabled organizations to embrace the full power of online learning and take a major step towards creating a strong workforce of high-performance and collaborative employees who truly contribute to the success and growth of their business.

.. Learning online is an imperative that reminds us of the plight of the Corona epidemic and its home isolation, which you can inevitably turn into a grant for your new life after that and for your children.

Shaimaa EssaNot luxury … Inspirational ideas on the need for distance learning

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