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“AlMotahida Education” launches “Weghat”.. The first school for self-blended learning

“AlMotahida Education Group” has launched “Weghat” platform to be the first interactive digital school for self and blended learning, with the participation of renowned education experts and teachers, and through international learning techniques and standards, a pattern that was increasingly needed after the Coved-19 epidemic.

“Weghat” is an online learning platform with study content and analytical tools to enhance academic achievement, as well as virtual classrooms, and an ever-increasing range of unique learning sources.

“Weghat” platform has more than 4,000 students, six classes, nearly 1,000 lessons and more than 150,000 questions. It also provides video lessons, questions, training with its typical answers and comprehensive exams, collected on an online learning platform, that help students understand the curriculum in a simplified way.

A unique learning environment

“Weghat” provides a unique learning environment, allowing real participation for parents, student, and the school:


The platform allows the Parents to see the performance reports of their children and their commitment as well as the grades they have received.


“Weghat” for teachers and supervisors provide a virtual learning environment and learning resources for teachers as they can extract reports about each student and how they interact with online training content.


“Weghat” for schools and educational institutions offer a virtual and efficientalternative to distance learning with the potential to keep up to the way in a blended learning environment.

A new era of interactive learning

The platform offers interactive features for its students to suit today’s requirements , learning amusement, and privacy:

Interactive: Offers interactive content destinations to arrange ideas and information retrieval.

Questions Bank: A variety of questions that measure targeted learning outcomes.
Performance reports: The ability to extract reports for each student and their interaction with the training content.

Technical support: A qualified technical and technical support team working 24/7, to respond to users’ requests and queries.

Virtual classes: An educational environment that allows students and teachers to communicate effectively.

About Blended learning

Blended learning is a common new pattern based on blending distance learning and e-learning opportunities with traditional classroom learning, requiring both teacher and learner presence, a smart environment that makes it possible not only to receive lessons and assessments, but also to watch virtual materials, interaction through simulations, free experimentation in electronic laboratories, and it suits students’ abilities and inclinations and respects their differences, as well as many features that make it the best choice for advanced educational institutions.

Blended learning is not only a single type; it encompasses a variety of possibilities, meeting the needs of the educational process, from the distance interaction between the student and the teacher “Face-to-Face” or the “rotational learning” between the two types of self and distance learning, or the teacher’s on-demand presence for any enquiry, with free “Flex online learning” for the university community based on the blending of self and free learning, or for students who wish to Improve their personal abilities in languages, science, arts and others “Online Driver Model”.

For all of that, blending learning has become the choice of advanced educational institutions, because of its flexibility and effectiveness, why ALMotahida Education Group has chosen to launch the platform “Weghat” to be the first interactive smart school launched from the Arab world, and contribute to the availability of a diverse interactive world of knowledge suitable for each one, whatever he needs, starts at the push of just bottons!.

Shaimaa Essa“AlMotahida Education” launches “Weghat”.. The first school for self-blended learning

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