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Digital data bank “Schoopedia” participates in the GESS 2020 exhibition

Schoopedia, the digital enrichment data bank for schools, is preparing to participate today in the 13th “GESS Dubai 2020” the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition, which begins with the participation of experts and developers of educational content and its applications around the world.

“Schoopedia” received the best educational content award for the early years, during the events of “GESS Dubai” exhibition in March 2016, which is held annually under sponsorship of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the ruler of Dubai.

Schoopedia is participating this year in GESS Dubai exhibition with its various updated libraries, which are in line with the curriculum developments in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Great mass of information

The digital data bank «Schoopedia» includes huge libraries and an encyclopedia base; it provides thousands of books, articles, the greatest works of literature ever written, media encyclopedias, recordings, and educational research. It is designed to suit the uses of the school community (students, teachers, learning resource specialists, and parents).

Schoopedia is linked to the latest products of the leading educational sister companies in “Almotahida Education Group “, these are all age-based, educationally accredited, culturally diverse, both local and global, provided by the latest media in the world of digital technologies.

Regarding numbers, Schoopedia includes:

  • Full pages of more than 8,500 educational books.
  • Over a million educational articles.
  • Thousands of videos and documentaries.
  • More than two million Arabic verses.
  • More than 2.2 million bibliographic records in the book’s guide.
  • The full data of thousands of Arab and foreign figures and organizations.

Why Schoopedia?

  • Standard Educational Library: It provides millions of simplified educational and scientific pages while adhering to the acquisition policies in school libraries in the Arab countries.
  • Educational Library: its holdings are classified according to different age groups and academic levels.
  • Digital Library: It uses innovative and advanced digital publishing technologies.
  • Specialized Library: It provides a specialized educational library for teachers and learning resource specialists for the latest educational theories and scientific studies.
  • Academic Library: It equipped with thousands of scientific researches, complete sets of refereed journals, and full pages of tens of thousands of master’s and doctoral theses in the educational, and library fields.
  • Various encyclopedia library: It has many encyclopedias and millions of guides.
  • Schoopedia takes into account the local cultures: Regarding selecting articles, the focus is on those published in newspapers in the countries of the region, and we can – upon client’s request – lift restrictions on the nationalities of the sources.
  • Schoopedia takes into account the regional and global openness: The books library in Schoopedia consists of publishers and authors of different cultures. The writings of the Arabic book guide vary to include over a million foreign bibliographic records to follow international publications.
  • Schoopedia is an educational compendium of leading organizations in the fields of education and digital content: Schoopedia’s educational holdings are provided through leading data banks and Arab projects belonging to Almotahida Education Group, Kalemon, Arabia Inform, Askzad Digital Data Bank, Middle East Monitor, Almohit, Acumen, Bayan Online, and Veative Labs.It is noteworthy that Schoopedia has achieved great accomplishments since its inception, notably: “Success Story Award” from Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance (EITESAL) supported by the Egyptian government in June 2016 and “Best Success Story Award” in 2017 by Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Engineer Yasser Al-Qadi.
Shaimaa EssaDigital data bank “Schoopedia” participates in the GESS 2020 exhibition

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