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The “GESS Dubai 2020″visitors are increasingly present at Almotahida platforms

Almotahida Education Group platforms received attention from the visitors during the 13th “GESS Dubai 2020” the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition, which started and continues until February 27 at the Dubai World Trade Center, and sponsored by the UAE Ministry of Education.

Saudi Education Minister Dr. Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Shaikh, the UAE Education Minister Hussain Bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi and a group of prominent Emirati and Arab officials inaugurated the Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) exhibition. In addition to the participation of about 600 international exhibitors in the field of educational technology, including Almotahida Education Group, which participated in a booth inaugurated by the Chairman, Mohamed Elewa, with some officials of the subsidiary companies.

Significant demand for reading and virtual learning

The officials of Almotahida booth in (GESS) exhibition stated that the interaction seemed great by students and researchers, asking about the advantages of the digital reading platform “Bayan” especially in light of the UAE’s interest in supporting modern reading mechanisms and integrate them with education. Moreover, attendees of Almotahida Education Group booth commended “Bayan” library for the excellence of texts and film materials processed in a modern educational manner.

In addition, many educators and children showed great interest to “Bareq” platform, which is launched for the first time in the field of teaching non-Arabic-speaking children in modern ways. “Bareq” model contributed to delighting school students of the exhibition visitors, and many of them commended the application features that contain different educational games and live talks that pave the fluency of the language.

On the other hand, the participants expressed their admiration for the product “Veative”, which is an integrated laboratory for virtual learning with the latest global technologies and a huge storage capacity, whereby students are taken by wearing its glasses and headphones to a fun and exciting 3D world with the highest degree of live interaction.


Interaction with the modern platforms

Almotahida Group is participating in educational digital platforms of various age groups, which gain a special interaction from the exhibition’s visitors:

Kalemon: An integrated system for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

(Includes adult center, basic education, social studies, Bareq, fun and learning)

Bayan Online: Arab literacy skills development platform

Hawwaz: Digital professional training academy for teacher skills development

Schoopedia: A digital library of open and legalized sources by the curriculum

Schoperary: The school e-book publishing platform

Tebyan: Digital library of education resources and question bank for classrooms and teachers

Askzad: The largest Arabic electronic scout and library of information and media sources

About Almotahida and GESS Exhibition

GESS is the destination for education professionals around the world. It provides workshops and an international conference on modern education technologies and foundations, while honoring its most prominent developers. Almotahida platforms have won a number of these awards, including “Schoopedia”, the digital data bank that won the Best Content Award for 2016.

Founded in 1997, Almotahida Group has played a leading role in publishing, authoring, translation and standard-setting, producing interactive books, producing multimedia, indexing, educational libraries, enriched and encyclopedic content, 3D virtual content, and training Teachers.

Our vision aims to develop Arab education as an integrated industry. Almotahida has a number of content production and development centers as well as branches, agents and business partners in more than 20 countries around the world.

Shaimaa EssaThe “GESS Dubai 2020″visitors are increasingly present at Almotahida platforms

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