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Indian expert: Seven myths in e-learning “Do not fall”!

The Coved-19 virus has turned the world upside down; all sectors, including education, have been severely affected, and the world is looking for new strategies to address the epidemic and its consequences.

Online education and e-learning is now viewed by educational institutions as a window of hope. This has made efforts to integrate online education and the use of technical tools such as learning management systems (LMS) and online conference platforms such as Udemy, Educadium, CourseCraft and Skillshare, and are trying to come up with different ways to reach their students who are quarantined in their homes, towns and villages.

But skeptics and cynics have created myths about e-learning , which is why Indian educational expert Dr. Joseph Dorairaj (dean of the School of Foreign Languages at the Rural Gandigram Institute) tries to uncover these illusions in a recent article in The Hindu, referring to what he describes as “seven myths of online learning”, which lead societies to disrupt knowledge and share skills. Let us follow these myths according to the expert:

Shaimaa EssaIndian expert: Seven myths in e-learning “Do not fall”!
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