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Kalemon Centers achieved a remarkable presence in the first “GESS” participation

For the first time, Kalemon Centers for teaching Arabic language are participating in the 13th “GESS Dubai 2020” the World Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition, which started today and will continue until February 27. Kalemon Centers have seen a high turnout at Almotahida Education Group booth.

Kalemon Language Centers is a modern integrated system, led by a team of experts, for teaching/ learning the Arabic language to non-native speakers, according to various programs that include formal learning, one-to-one programs, self-learning, and distance learning.

In addition to the modern Arabic language teaching programs, Kalemon Language Centers provide advanced programs for teaching Arabic calligraphy, and Arabic language for specific purposes in many fields such as medicine and law, Arabic as a heritage language for researchers, creative writing in Arabic, as well as an internationally accredited diploma in training Arabic language trainers.

Kalemon Language Centers provide an opportunity for our partners to equip integrated training centers to teach Arabic in accordance with adopted international standards.

Kalemon Language Centers are keen on providing an authentic Arab and oriental learning environment, starting from architecture and going through many live interactive activities that students receive in reality and virtual world to communicate with Arabic speakers. Moreover,   Kalemon Centers provides many interactive activities to enjoy the language and practice it through different arts and live communication.

Features of Kalemon Centers for teaching Arabic 

Arabic curricula meet the best international standards: The Arabic education program is based on the latest international standards in the field of second languages teaching, including the American Council (ACTFL), the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and the Arab standard framework.

Panorama of Arab Culture: The learning program allows the trainee to form a comprehensive idea about the Arab life, history, geography, customs and traditions in a way that enhances his/ her linguistic and cultural capabilities.

Practice: In addition to books and digital and enrichment resources, Kalemon Language Centers provided the learners with an environment of live or virtual interaction with the Arabs, to further experience Arab culture.

Innovative technological solutions: We adopt the latest system in educational techniques and educational management.

A comprehensive assessment: Kalemon developed a set of modern Arabic language tests to measure the students’ level, capabilities and progress, which cover the four language skills and provide reliable accurate results.

An integrated team of experts: Kalemon Centers provide experienced and professional cadres in the field of education, and a qualified technical support team with specialists in the academic and technical aspects.

Teacher training: Our programs improve teaching and training practices, and develop the efficiency level of Arabic language.


Components of Kalemon program

The program for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers includes:


Kalemon Series for teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers has been in print. It includes Student Book, Workbook, Teacher Guide, Assessment Guide, teaching aids, enrichment stories and illustrated dictionary.

Placement Test

A test that is designed to determine the academic level of students in order to place them at the right level. It was developed in line with the highest standards of question banks and international test.

Progressive Achievement Tests

A final test for each level to measure the extent to which the learning objectives are achieved for each level, to ensure the quality of the learning process, and to develop students’ language skills.

Live Lectures

An educational environment allows students and teachers to communicate effectively.

Tests Platform

An integrated systematic assessment that regulates diverse types of assessment mechanisms (diagnostic, formative and summative). It contains a variety of questions to provide different forms of measuring targeted learning outcomes.

Kalemon platform

Kalemon platform is a link between teacher and student at all learning levels.

 Admission and Registration System

An integrated system for students’ data registration and all transactions of administrative and organizational centers until completion of levels and issuance of certificates.

Technical support

A qualified technical support team with specialties in academic and technical aspects, ready to respond to any requests and inquiries of teachers and students on a 24-hour basis in both Arabic and English.

Shaimaa EssaKalemon Centers achieved a remarkable presence in the first “GESS” participation

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