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Veative .. Every thing about The largest virtual content for immersive tutorial

Veative is a global provider of virtual education and learning simulation for schools and industries. It Includes comprehensive virtual curriculums, language and science laboratories, as well as the largest high-quality interactive virtual library.

Veative links a partnership with international institutions in the field of education and immersive technology, and through XR/Web VR technologies that have enabled students and institutions in 27 countries to reach through interactive modules in line with international standards, a learning management platform that allows teachers to track their students’ progress, and through WebXR technology has made a breakthrough in remote learning from the prevalence of The Covid-19 virus and the need for students to learn from home and facilitate access to virtual curricula without VR devices.  [1][2]

Veative has nearly 500 creative and technical experts who produce more than 12,500 individual subjects to cover nearly 2,000 math and science subjects.

Veative uses immersive technologies such as 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality with the aim of achieving a major educational transformation by introducing immersive and interactive modules into the classroom. The company’s goal of this solution is to motivate learners and educators to explore the world of immersive technologies.

According to Angkor Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder, “Veative’s VR Learn is an immersive educational solution and a reality-based experiment that leads to more understanding of the subject, and a deeper level of participation in a virtual environment that is far from dispersion.[3]

The virtual environment for learning science and languages


VR/AR/MR technologies are accelerating in school education, with unprecedented capabilities and tools that will inevitably change many concepts in different fields of education, particularly in the field of applied sciences, language learning, virtual touring and technical expertise.


Virtual learning is a feature of the modern era

The 21st century has seen spectacular advances in virtual reality technology, and in the recent past, this sector of the technology industry has been limited only to the gaming industry as well as the military and defense sector. An introduction to the world of education has just begun, and very quickly it makes its presence felt throughout the world. According to technavio’s latest market research report, the global virtual market in the education sector will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 59% until 2022. The growing need for experiential learning is therefore a key driver of market growth.

VIRTUAL Reality content is simulated in an immersive, multidimensional, computer-generated environment. It can change the way the learner interacts with the subject by using VR headsets and controllers. This encourages students to become active learners rather than passive recipients of information. With the diverse experiences it offers, virtual reality has tremendous potential to transform both teaching and learning processes. It is the ultimate means of presenting what is known as “experiential learning”.  [4]

This learning theory is based on the idea that we learn and remember concepts by testing them, rather than being told what they involve. Imagine a scenario where students face an immersive unit of photosynthesis. With the help of a controller, they can go to the paper and get an idea of how plants meet the requirements of photosynthesis. These “look-do” learning modes encourage students to explore, identify and experience content at its own pace. Virtual reality-based experimental learning has the potential to create a deeper level of student participation in a dispersion-free environment. This environment creates opportunities for learning through assimilation, concentration and attention to understanding. This also allows for better retention of concepts in students’ minds.[5]

Veative environment and the most important products:

Veative has the largest collection of educational VR content. This includes:


Learn STEM Applied Sciences:

543 units for ages over 9 years, covering biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The instructor (teacher) is informed about grades and assessment data for students, who interact and enjoy spending time wandering around their new scientific world.

Learn English ELL

Veative contributes effectively of learning the second language (L2) and overcoming obstacles including cost, and not taking advantage of the courses to pass the international tests approved for languages such as IELTS because of their lack of enable the trainee to communicate live, and this is precisely what distinguishes the virtual learning environment that puts you in live situations where the language is practiced with pleasure, skill and fluency with others in the market, club, streets, library and so on. [6]

The virtual environment is characterized by its largely broken awe of the learner, the availability of learning without hesitation or fear of sarcastic reactions to error, in pronunciation, writing and other skills, and allows constant dialogue with a trainer that motivates you to develop, so the use of virtual reality to learn the language showed a 10x improvement in the confidence of learners according to a recent study by Dr. Yushu jiang Jiang, Ph.D., Beijing University of Foreign Studies, October 2019.[7]

Virtual tours

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t travel to other places. Visit almost amazing places and landmarks that will be impossible to see at this time.

A summary: Founder and Timeline of Veative’s Evolution


Ankur Aggarwal is an Indian technology engineer, a graduate of the Electronic Design Program in Northumbria (UK). Angkor has lived and worked in many countries, including USA, UK and India with extensive global travel.

The passion has led the founder of Veative to develop its laboratory model to offer immersive technology solutions for institutions and education. Under Aggarwal’s leadership, Veative has assembled a team of highly experienced visionaries and highly-skilled professionals who have developed an immersive educational products to be used in more than 20 countries. [8]

Evolution of Veative:

2016 :

The Launching of Veative plan from India for a global project that increases human capacity through virtual learning.


Providing highly qualified staff to develop practical solutions and avoid the absence of the standard module of virtual devices, interactive virtual educational content, and supporting research to justify the effectiveness of immersive learning.


Providing professional services to companies facing real-world problems can be solved by immersive solutions. Create a special methodology for visual storytelling, plug-ins across platforms to speed up migration from one device to another, etc.


With the accumulation of experience gained from the development and deployment of Veative’s own products in various markets and the provision of development services to global companies, the company is ready to share this knowledge with the world.  [9]

Vision: Immersive technology solutions for everyone

“When I was in school, I had difficulty with some difficult concepts because they weren’t easy to imagine. I learned about the car engine and I can tell you about the different elements that consist of the engine, however, I could not experience it. VR lets me do it by making it more realistic.” Ankur Aggarwal, Ceo, VeativeLabs

Its goal, Veative, is to “democratize education. Regardless of the socio-economic situation, each learner must have access to information, in ways that suit their learning style. There are a lot of learners with visual and motor needs in this world, and if they can learn through interaction – as they can uniquely do in an immersive VR environment – the least we have to do is provide access to this kind of technology. [10]

“Social spacing has become imposed after the threat of the Coved-19 epidemic globally, and therefore the need for alternatives to all our activities, mainly education, has increased after the closure of schools, universities and various centres and spreading,” says Agarwal, CEO of Veative.  [11]

Areas of Veative’s application

Veative strives to develop immersive technology solutions that increase the ability of individuals to understand, interact, solve the world’s problems and make it safer and smarter.  [12]

These smart virtual solutions are used in:[13]

Classrooms: To engage learners in the acquisition of abstract concepts, bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding, and provide better sharing and to retain information. [14]

Companies and factories: Veative solutions support the labourforce, making It easier and less stressful.

Universities and Research Centers: There is an example where medical simulations help train healthcare professionals safely and effectively by providing a non-judgmental environment for exploration and experience. Patient safety increases, while performance anxiety is greatly diminished. With augmented reality/virtual reality in medical training, trainees and professionals alike can acquire technical knowledge efficiently from medical equipment and procedures, but also learn the skills needed to perform complex surgeries with great accuracy. [15]

The largest virtual school.. services and features

Veative’s presence is increasing as its classroom modules allow students to complete a variety of activities in a fully interactive and immersive virtual environment, including scientific experiments, math concepts, and virtual field trips.  [16]

Largest library:

Veative offers a huge interactive library that meets international standards of education, including science and mathematics modules for grades 4 to higher education.

Veative’s lessons are in a way that enables students to understand the most complex concepts, deeper and easier, while allowing teachers and school leaders to lead students towards mastery, as an easy solution for everyone at school or at home.

Virtual home units (no additional devices):

Veative Limited has developed a Veative Limited version of 40 virtual modules in science, mathematics and world landmark tours, pre-loaded on all Lenovo VR Classroom 2.0 devices, with the possibility of upgrading to the full  Library, and the new WebXR browser-based option will provide access to the same interactive content library while using a computer, without the need for a VR headset.[17]

With the Veative Home study package, teachers will be able to track student progress, create custom playlists, and simultaneously launch, control and monitor lesson modules for all students.

Veative Labs is the world’s largest provider of interactive vr learning content designed to improve classroom learning outcomes. It is the only educational solution that combines VR technology with research-based educational practices, formative assessment data, and student engagement analytics.

“We can’t teach people anything; we can’t teach people anything,” Galileo says. We can only help them discover it within themselves.

Industrial Labs:


Training under dangerous conditions needs to address exposure to potential security concerns, including loss of life.

Confucius says: I hear. i see. now I understand it and I Remember!

These labs seek to: harness the power of experiential learning, reflect the working environment, one can fail without negative consequences (failure is part of the learning process), success after path and error builds confidence, VR allows the experiment that improves retention by “learning practical”, allowing the mechanism to remain productive, rather than allocated to training and thus reducing training costs.

Cutting-edge content:

VR Content – Has the largest stock of virtual reality content for science education in the world[18]

  • Available to any student in the world regardless of where he is.
  • The content is translated into any language supported by text on the screen and VO (voiceover) to take care of different learning styles.
  • Information is provided orally, visually and dynamically through interactive reality simulations.
  • Veative VR allows the teacher to participate closely in the learning process, although students work alone.
  • Veative encourages distraction-free learning, allowing students to focus on concepts.
  • Veative is able to collect data and provide analyses that show progress and gaps in learning. Analytics can be viewed by the teacher and even at the school management level to check the results and track progress.
  • Most importantly, Veative VR is extremely affordable and designed to democratize the transfer of knowledge to difficult STEM concepts.
  • Open Source web: Veative always introduces its curriculum in the form of open source. It is known as WebVR. Open Source allows users to freely modify the work. This promotes the free exchange of ideas. [19]
  • No need for VR devices: Providing an immersive learning environment is without the need for expensive devices and allows the user to access either from within virtual reality (full immersion), or via a web enabled device (pc, phone, tablet, etc.) and browser use to display content. [20]
  • International content standards: The alignment of Veative’s science and mathematics standards is adopted by expert teachers in the GAINS Educational Group. In line with national and government standards, including NGSS, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Texas Basic Knowledge and Basic Skills (TEKS), the corresponding pathways support the preparation of technical programs in healthcare and agriculture for SAT, ACT and technical functions.[21]

Technological services package:

Veative has created EduPro to solve problems with each device, and the interactive VR content on the web interactive interactive mobile device, a sync controller and battery that lasts through daily use and the sharing of many trainees from VR devices with standalone VR Device controllers, headphones and storage controllers Storage Solutions (VR), provides built-in charging (110-240VAC) with multiple charging points, trays that extend from the unit to easy access, and lots of ventilation.

With Veative application manager and Veative or Case, you can easily load multiple multi-speakers in bulk using multiple modules, saving time and energy for the IT department, making you worth the credit for considering the workload and effort. For this reason, and others, charge/sync is an important consideration when purchasing a cart or case.


Veative’s collaboration with international learning institutions

Veative has partnerships with major education technology companies, schools and international education institutions, including UNESCO and UNICEF.

AlMotahida and veative team

1- Partnership with international education companies:


Partnership with AlMotahida Education Group:


AlMotahida Education Group has a strategic relationship and partnership with VEATIVE Labs Singapore and India, to produce content that works in virtual, augmented and hybrid reality in parallel:

Interactive learning elements in 2D format, 3D mono video and stereo cover science and mathematics curricula.

Educational entertainment games related to science and mathematics curricula.

Design interactive digital labs that operate in a VR environment or those that are partly linked to augmented reality prints and models.

The contents and components of virtual digital laboratories correspond to the corresponding curricula in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics through a separate laboratory for each.[22]

2-  Partnership with international schools:

Veative is partnering with major international schools to promote students’ immersive virtual learning practice to suit the curriculum in more than 25 countries, including:

American Football Schools:

Palm Beach Gardens and Veative  Advanced Learning Solutions, through Third Dimension technologies and virtual reality, have announced their partnership with the American Football Champions Rehabilitation Foundation (CFPF), its state-wide affiliate, a non-profit organization, and the students of the various los angeles and Henry Feller school in Miami, Florida, all were impressed with the virtual reality lab, and enjoyed the experience wearing custom glasses that they conveyed to a truly fun and exciting 3D world. [23]

Canadian schools:

Executive Vice President, Mark MacPherson. “Veative is the first content provider in space to develop an affordable VR solution for schools. It combines immersive and interactive learning modules with VR headsets and controllers. We are proud to bring innovative technology to more K-12 schools in Canada than ever before!”  [24]

Veative solutions have spread to many countries around the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria[25] and South Africa[26].

3- UNICEF adds Veative to investment portfolio

UNICEF has selected Veative among start-ups that use cutting-edge technology solutions to meet complex challenges and create more equitable opportunities for children and young people funded by the Organization’s Innovation Fund. [27]

3-  Partnership with global technology and communications providers


  1. Veative and Lenovo’s collaboration to simulate chapters remotely

Veative Labs has announced a global collaboration with Lenovo, the education technology giant, and will enable students to collaborate on the full Fittv range of 550 interactive STEM modules on Lenovo computers through a remote learning solution or on Lenovo VR devices with the new VR Classroom 2.0 solution.

“In addition, virtual reality is a powerful way to influence student participation and inspire young people to develop curiosity and explore challenging topics,” said Richard Henderson, Director of Global Education Solutions at Lenovo. “With access to STEM content and a complete solution to teaching and learning, we are excited about the relationship with Veative that offers both web-based content and VR with formative evaluation, helping Lenovo with our vision to deliver smarter technology to everyone.”[28]

  1. Veative and DEV CLEVER cooperation

DEV Global Partnership for Smart Solutions for Professional Development, based in London, has signed with Veative Laboratories to integrate a range of educational products and services, both in and out of the classroom, on a global basis.

The partnership will create a remote e-learning solution that combines its own platform, VR, with Veative’s educational modules to provide students with existing learning tools.

This would provide training providers, teachers and higher employers with a “unified and unique methodology” to address the growing global skills and attainment gap, Dave said. [29]

  1. Veative’s collaboration with Digi to deliver Veative Home

Veative  and leader in virtual learning has teamed up with Digi Technology to deliver the curriculum in an interactive and three-dimensional way, and what’s new is that in Veative Home Study you can now use the app without the need for a dedicated VR device within the virtual learning labs, once you use your traditional PC from your home.

Top Awards

Veative’s products have been honored in many technological forums and awards, the most important of which are: [30]

  • GESS 2018 awards

    Jury tribute from Gess Education Technology And Access Award for The Gess Education Awards 2018

  • Award for Best Solutions for Compulsory Education
  • EdTech Review2018 for Best Solution for k-12
  • Gess Exhibition Award for Best Presentation in Education Technology
  • Gess awards finalist 2017
  • Best Show At IsTE 2017 Award 2017 Winner.




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